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Child Proofing Questions Answered

 You don't want to build a bubble around your baby... but is a safe, healthy environment too much to ask for?


Q.  When should I baby proof my home?

A.  Ideally, you should baby proof your home before your child becomes mobile and inquisitive. Keep in mind, mobility includes rolling, pushing backward, trying to pull up --- not just crawling and walking.

 Q.  Will you install products I purchased on my own?

A.  There are lots of child safety products on the market. Some are top quality products, others are not. We would install products you may have already purchased if, in our experience and opinion, we know the products are safe, reliable and effective. We stand behind any product that you purchase from us.

 Q.  Can I schedule the consultation and installation for the same day?

A.  Definitely! When we schedule your consultation we will ask you if you would like our same day installation service. This will allow us to come prepared with the proper materials and schedule allowance for the installations.

 Q.  Do you offer gift certificates?

A.  Yes!  Need a great gift idea for new parents and parents-to-be?  Give them a Babyproofessionals gift certificate!  We offer them in any amount.  Just call or email us and we will be glad to help you out with this unique and thoughtful gift.

 Q.  How much will it cost to safety proof my home?

A.  Two main factors determine the cost of safety proofing a home: 1) the size of your home; 2) the amount of safety proofing you desire.  Many families choose to safety proof their homes in “stages”.  Usually gates, a handful of magnetic cabinet locks, and securing top-heavy furniture receive top priority. We will certainly try to work within your budget to help you create a safe environment for your baby to live, grow, explore, and learn.

 Q.  Do you have solutions for pets as well as babies?

A.  Yes, pool alarms to warn you if your pet falls into the pool. * Mesh and clear polycarbonate sheeting to seal off openings such as the gap under gates and balcony railings. * Safety gates to limit access within your home, to keep pets in or out. * Digital Video Monitors to keep an eye on them inside the house * Guard rails around fire places and more 

 Q.  How long does it take to baby proof a home?

A.  On average, most small homes take about 2 hours to baby proof while a single-family, two story homes typically takes about 4 hours. And, the best part is there is nothing you need to do to get ready for us.

 Q.  Why should I use Babyproofessionals to baby proof my home?

A.  We sell and install only the best safety products, in our judgment. We balance safety with aesthetics. We take great pride in our work and know that your child is your most important asset. Would you trust yourself to handle your baby’s medical needs or college investments, then why would you try to make your home safer for your child without our help? We are very proficient at what we do, we are expert installers, we work quickly and efficiently. We are passionate about what we do and in making sure you are completely satisfied.

 Q.  Do you guarantee your work?

A.  At Babyproofessionals, we are committed to customer service as well as child safety. Because we use high quality products and install them to the manufacturer's specifications, we are able to guarantee our work. If you purchased a product from us that we installed, and it isn't working properly, we will repair or replace it at no charge provided that it has been used in the manner for which it was designed.

 Q.  Can I purchase the products from you and install them myself?

A.  Yes, just remember that child safety products are only effective when properly installed and our guarantee only applies to products installed by our company.

 Q.  Is a toilet lock really necessary?

A.  In two words, ABSOLUTELY YES! Children are fascinated by water and love to throw things in the toilet (like portable phones, a toy car or jewelry). More importantly, because of the child's fascination, they lean over the toilet and because they are top heavy, they can fall in. Now, because they do not have the ability to push themselves out, and they are face first in the toilet, they drown.


Should you have any other questions please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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