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Infant Med

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InfantMed works with your baby's natural feeding technique to provide baby with undiluted, undetected medicine, accurately.

The InfantMed tear free baby medicine dispenser is compatible with all the major leading brands wide neck nipples on the market. Simply use your baby's current nipple and attach it to our applicable interchangeable lid.

The InfantMed Baby Bottle comes with a syringe that you will fill with baby’s medication.  Let your baby drink as he/she normally would with the Infant Med bottle.  With every 3 - 5 swallows, squirt a small amount of the medication from the syringe, into the front of the nipple just as baby is about to swallow. Baby drinks medication undetected as liquid follows into baby's mouth directly with the following swallow. Only squirt about 1 - 3 lines on syringe at one time. Repeat the squirts every 3 - 5 swallows until medication is finished.

InfantMed's bottle is made from medical grade silicone and polypropylene and is 100% BPA Free! All parts are microwaveable, except for the syringe.

No more crying! Only happy, healthy babies!