SKU: BabySafe Magni Lock Door

Babysafe Magni Lock - 3 Lock Set "Door"

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Price with discount: R 210,00
R 210,00
R 210,00
  • This set consists of 3 cupboard locks - no key included
  • The Magni Lock is super strong and robust enough to withstand the superior strength of the most determined toddler.
  • The system is very easy to use – simply touch the magnetic key against the front of the door to unlock it.
  • Easy installation method requires no tools or drilling, therefore causing no damage to cupboards. A high bond double-sided tape is included with the locks. This tape is strong enough to withstand great force, but is easy to remove once the locks are no longer needed.
  • The lock is fitted inside the cupboard and completely concealed within the cupboard. The beauty of your cupboards is therefore preserved.
  • The Magni Lock keeps cupboard doors tightly shut so there are no pinched fingers.
  • The lock has a disable feature. A simple switch deactivates the Magni Lock, allowing you to open and close your cupboards in the normal manner. This feature is really useful in cases when the children are out of the house for the weekend, for example. This feature also makes the Magni lock the ideal childproofing product for grandparents, as the locks can be disabled while the grandchildren aren’t around and are only enabled when the grandchildren are visiting.