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Baby First Aid Kit

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R 370,00
R 370,00

Complete first aid kit for babies

Includes the following:

1 x Burnshield Dressing 10x10mm
1 x Burnshield Hydro gel 50ml
1 x Aquashield Baby Bum 125ml
1 x Aquashield Nappy Rash 50ml
2 x Procrepe Bandage 50mm
2 x FAD No.3 (75x100mm)
1 x FAD No.5 (150x200mm)
2 x Progauze Swabs Non-sterile (75x75mm) 5's
10 x Quick Action Plasters Kiddies
1 x Profab Fabric Roll (25mm x1m)
5 x Cotton Buds
1 x First Aid Scissors (Metal)
1 x Metal Forceps
1 x Safety pins (12's)
1 x Rescue Blanket Paediatric
1 x CPR Mouthpiece
1 x Syringes 5ml
1 x Antiseptic Wound Cleaner
1 x Insect Repellent Wipes
2 x Moist Towelets
1 x Gastrolyte Sachet
1 x Oral Thermometer
1 x Painamol Syrup 50ml

Suplied in a Nylon roll up pouch.