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Infoband™ - Pink Bunnies

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Infoband™ is a soft plastic wristband for children, on which parents can write their contact number, name, allergies etc. Should the child wander off or get lost, he/she can be reunited easily and quickly with their parents as they are wearing visible identification and it would ensure that the child gets the right treatment if anything would happen. A safety net for both children and parents.

Unique solution

The wristband is made by an unique material, so that you can write with a regular ball point-pen and the text will become waterproof. The buckle has got a special opening, which makes it impossible for the small children to get off. These features make infoband™ a superior product with high functionality and safety for the user. At the same time, children love to wear these fun and funky designed ID wristbands.

Available in various designs