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Heatsafe Protection For Baby Car Seats

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•South African registered design – A2007/00344 & F2007/00345.

•European Registered Community Design no. 000863857-0002

•The cover comprises a flexible body constructed of an opaque material having good light blocking and insulating properties, and trimming fast with and extending along an edge of the body, the trimming being resiliently stretchable along at least part of its length.

•The cover is in use received over an infant seat, the resiliently stretchable construction of the trimming of the cover facilitating receipt of the cover over an infant seat, retention of the cover on the infant seat, and removal of the cover from such seat when the infant is not using the seat. By virtue of the properties of the body of the cover, the cover serves in use, on the one hand, to protect an infant seat against damaging rays of the sun and, on the other hand, thermally shields a seating surface of an infant seat against temperature fluctuations in the atmosphere of the infant seat.

•Initial experiments over a three day trial period has resulted in a 4°C reduction in temperature in hot conditions (at midday with no protection and alternatively with the cover) and a 3°C increase in temperature in cold conditions (early morning reading)

The HeatSafe Protective Seat Covers is white or cream with a coloured trim. The light fabric reflects sunlight away from the seat acting as a ‘sunscreen’ and subsequently keeps the seat much cooler than a normal uncovered car seat.

Most car seats should last a child until their 4th year, but the sun’s harmful rays can reduce the seat’s lifespan considerably. New covers can be very expensive. The HeatSafe Protective Seat Cover is hand washable in cold water and can simple be wiped clean with a wet wipe.


Although there is many sun shades and (expensive) shade ‘socks’ on the market to block out the sun, there is no other product that protects the car seat from the sun’s damage, making this invention truly unique.

  • Only available to purchase online or through an agent in your area


“The use of Heatsafe really helped with the screams in the afternoon when getting into the hot car. We went down to Durban and HeatSafe really helped to keep the chair cooler during our stay. I recommend any new/old parents to use HeatSafe if you want to minimise crying from little ones burning themselves on the hot car seat.”
- Jeanine

The product is functional in its design and complies to the claim of protecting against the sun’s heat and damaging rays. The product fits comfortably over my make of car seat.