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Mummy Clip

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The Mummy Clip makes shopping so much easier.

The Mummy Clip by Goldbug is the only way to get around in ease with kids, any time, any place. It is the handy, convenient way to shop or travel with kids when you have lots to take along besides the tots!

The Mummy Clip is lightweight, versatile, and easy to use. The secure clip opens and closes with one simple flick. It holds nappy bags, shopping bags, hand bags and groceries, so that your hands are free to shop and manage your child.

The Mummy Clip fits a variety of stroller handles, and is perfect also for shopping carts, or just as a hand-held clutch to collect all your parcels on one clip, without putting strain on your hand. Just snap it on and you're set to go! You can even use The Mummy Clip by Goldbug to carry bags from your car to your home.

Designed especially for Mummies and Daddies, too!

Daddies love The Mummy Clip for items such as camera bags, athletic accessories, and of course, for carrying all of mummy's shopping parcels and baby's toys!

The Mummy Clip by Goldbug is made of durable, heavy-duty aluminum.

The Mummy Clip is built to last, and won't break like cheap plastic hangers.

Don't be fooled by other brands which do not match up to the fine quality of Goldbug's Mummy Clip.

The Mummy Clip: the only way to go!